Nov 21
Anna @ HLJ


We arrived bright and early at Akiba Square to attend Gunpla Expo 2014, in eager anticipation of a glimpse of hot new releases from Bandai!


The first thing we saw was the highly anticipated 1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam—or rather three of them, fully built into each of its forms—Destroy mode, Unicorn mode, and Unchained mode—each with its exclusive LED lighting kit installed! It made for an inspiring sight as each went through its lighting sequence. The sheer size of this thing and the attention to detail is amazing!

The big announcement at this show proved to be the next upcoming Real Grade kit: the fan-favorite 00 Raiser! It’s slated to come out in the spring.


The RG Gundam Exia Dark Matter and the R Gundam Double X were on display, as was the previously announced RG Wing Gundam; like the 00 Raiser, these are due out in spring.

The second RE/100, the Gundam Mk-III, was on display in full color, and unpainted prototypes of next two entries in the RE/100 lineup were shown—the Gerbera and the Dijeh. Too bad Dijeh was shy and was facing away from the front of the display!

From the High Grade collection, V-Dash Gundam and the gleaming-gold-and-blue V2 Assault Buster were on display.

A wide selection of kits from “Gundam Build Fighters” was on view, including a High Mock, a Mega-Shiki, the Gyagya, the too-cute Bearguy family, Wing Gundam Zero in a snazzy new paint deco, and the Kurenai Weapon. We also got to see the completed Gehennam Captain Type and Gehennam Production Type!

A new HG Zaku and the HG Guntank will be the first-ever kit from “Gundam the Origin,” and the unpainted High Grade prototype was awesomely detailed!

And the BB Gundam squad was well represented, with cute and stubby versions of Lightning Gundam, Build Burning Gundam, and Winning Gundam!

Finally, an array of High Grade kits from “Gundam Reconguista in G” were present, including Janaham, Jaion, Elf Bullock, Macknife, and the G-Self Assault Pack!

It was fun, it was exhausting, and we look forward to being able to offer these kits for preorder as soon as possible; we can hardly wait till next year’s event!

Nov 20

Available from Hobbylink Japan – http://www.hlj.com/product/WNG32020/Air


I spend a great deal of time building science-fiction and fantasy kits: evocative models of things which resonate powerfully in my own thoughts, but which are still little more than ‘shadows out of mind’, if you will.

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, but every time I attempt a historical model – especially a war-themed kit – I am constantly drawn to remembering the folks who fought, suffered and even died in association such ‘things’ in reality.

It gives me real pause, and an awareness of the gravity of such things – reminding me that a modeler is doing more than simply ‘playing around’…
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