Aug 24

The latest Master Grade, the Full Armor Gundam Ver Ka. (Thunderbolt Ver.), is amazing but can be a little tricky. Syd shows you some things to pay attention to when it comes to assembling this beast as well as how best to work with the Frame Covers. Todd has a pile of High Grades he built during the break but focuses on #200 for this episode.

Also, our HG Customize Parts Campaign starts today. Check here for details!

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Aug 18


Though this kit is not available from Hobbylink Japan, there are two in the same range:
The 1/100 Led Mirage with Napalm Launcher: http://hlj.com/product/WAVFS-175
and 1/100 Led Mirage with translucent armor: http://hlj.com/product/WAVFS-127


The Ubiquity of Originality

In part one I suggested that, whilst each Mortar Headd (or Gothic Maid, now that Nagano has retconned himself on an epic scale) is a unique work of art, the forces of the Amaterasu Kingdom Demesne (AKD) tended to run with more unified, even regimented Mortar Headds, seemingly in defiance of this ideal.

This was not because the Headliners who piloted the AKD mechs were in any way trivial – indeed, they were some of the greatest knights in the Joker Cluster – but to remind the foes of the AKD that they faced not a simple fiefdom, interested only in personal glory, but a planet spanning, and rapidly expanding political force with the (admittedly flawed) aim of bringing peace to the Five Star Systems of the Joker Cluster.

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