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    About The Competition – http://hlj.com/plamo-2017#howto

    Advanced Category

    The big guns. You know it when you see it. Airbrushed with highlights, heavy modifications using putty and plastic, even a creation a […]

  • Group logo of Beginner Modeler - Modeling Competition 2017
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    About The Competition – http://hlj.com/plamo-2017

    Beginner Category

    For those who may be new to plastic modeling. Some panel-lines, decals, a touch of marker here or there and even hand painting is a […]

  • Group logo of Intermediate Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017
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    About The Competition – http://hlj.com/plamo-2017

    Intermediate Category

    Making the model your own. Give it a whole new paint scheme or a look all its own. Perhaps some parts swapping with other k […]

  • Group logo of Completed Gunpla/Models
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    Completed any model kits as of late? Whether it be painted or not, show us your pics!

  • Group logo of HLJ Philippines
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    All member from the Philippines can join the group. Lets discuss the best way to order items from HLJ some of your experience, tips and lastly lets talk about our favorite hobby. Plastic models. 🙂

  • Group logo of The Machine Museum
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    Build, Test-fit/Sand/Prime/Paint/Weather/Gloss, Photograph, be remembered on the Mobile Suit Museum on Tumblr and on youtube.

    Mobile Suit […]

  • Group logo of What are you building?
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    Building a kit any kit? Show us some photos.

  • Group logo of What do you want to see from Bandai?
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    HGs, MGs, RGs, PGs, any grade or action figure! Post what you want to see in the near future! Whether be it a gachapon or a Robot Damashii of any Mecha, discuss it here! Let’s make this group more inclusive and share ideas!

  • Group logo of Studio WD/GBWC 2017
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    Focusing on Gunpla kits at HLJ, Youtube, Facebook, and Googele+. Time to welcome contest photos for GBWC 2017.

  • Group logo of Gunpla TV
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    All the latest news and builds from Syd and Ryan.

  • Group logo of Low budget gunpla collectors
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    This group is made for low budget gunpla collectors! 😀

  • Group logo of Iron-Blooded Orphans discussion
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    Discussion about the new Gunpla from Iron-Blooded Orphans. Feel free to discuss your thoughts on the show, but please try to keep episode spoilers out of the discussion.

  • Group logo of The RG Group
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    Place for discussion about Bandai’s fantastic Real Grade line of kits.

  • Group logo of Gunpla for beginners
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    anyone has tips or secrets on building put them here

  • Group logo of Kotobukiya Fanclub
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    Or also known as Koto Club! There’s a lot of gunpla groups here, so this group is dedicated to kits manufactured from Kotobukiya. This includes but not limited to Armored Core, Raystorm, Ikaruga, Virtua On, […]

  • Group logo of Hobby lounge
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    Feeling worn out from all that modelling. Just wont somewhere safe to relax. Then the hobby lounge is for you.

    Somewhere for all modeler to come together as a community. Say hi to each other and talk about […]

  • Group logo of Resin Figures and Garage Kits
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    Group for GK and figures. Bishoujo, Monsters or Machines are welcome.

    Show your newly built Figures(or old for that matter). Post your kits in progress. Talk about Wonfes’s latest offerings. Share your […]

  • Group logo of Macross Kits
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    Let’s share some photos of our macross kits, coments tips and tutorials are also welcome.

  • Group logo of Q/A & Help Group
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    Have a question? Can’t figure something out? Frustrated?

    Post a question/issue/problem about a model here and we’ll try our best to help you!

  • Group logo of Awesome suits, you might not know…
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    This group is for all the mobilesuits and mechas, that are not seen often and totally underrated.
    For rare kits, retro stuff or things you just sumbled upon.
    Feel free to post links, builds, figures, kits, […]